My Story

The Fourth Chamber

Greetings readers! I’ve created this blog because I am a mother to four awesome kids. I am also a mother who will forever be grieving her fourth baby. I would love to take you all on that life long journey with me. A lot of parents suffering this pain don’t talk about it which leaves some parents in this situation feeling alone. There’s no need to feel alone. I WANT to talk about my baby girl. I WANT to talk about that morning and the days and months that follows that and then the years its going to turn into. Maybe another broken mother or father can read my thoughts and feelings and relate and maybe feel some kind of hope. Or maybe just even feel validated. I also want to talk about my other children and my husband because through all this I am still a mother and a wife. I try my best even when my best just isn’t good enough. Grieving parents are special in their own way and even more so when they have other children to tend to as well as a grieving spouse. Come with me as I go through life missing the fourth chamber of my heart.

Welcome to my messy, loud, joyful yet broken life.

Also watch me grow in this journey! I’m not gonna lie here guys… my grammar and punctuations are pretty rusty so be patient with me. Enjoy the run on sentences and missed commas. I swear I’m not stupid. Just a little rusty.  Also feel free to laugh at my mistakes. I do.