Mans Best Friend?

I’ve been having a really rough go for the past week I’d say. For as alright as I’m trying to be sometimes you just feel like crap. I believe it’s necessary though. What’s with the dog you’re wondering? I will tell you all about him.

So this good boy we had the pleasure sitting….for a couple of days. His circumstances were pretty crappy. He was basically living in a house that was filthy with no electricity no humans  living there, he was basically on his own with another female dog. He was actually in the “care” of someone else because his owners were unable to house him at that moment. Short version is he came over and ended up staying for two days. He is a two year old pit. Sweetest, best behaved dog I have ever met in my life. I wanted nothing to do with dogs, I mean, I love dogs. I just don’t have the time for one right now. However for this boy I would have made the time. We didn’t have the heart to send him back to those living conditions. It was hot out and I don’t think even a window was open where he was staying. He didn’t want to go back either and he made that very clear when he nestled into Vinnie’s arm when our son came back to get him. Vinnie ended up sleeping outside with him that night. Just a little glimpse at how good of a boy he was and why pits are referred to as “nanny dogs”. This dog never met us before. The boys were playing with the hose and Remington comes running back to me shivering he’s so cold. This dog smells him, disappears for all of ten seconds and comes back with Remington’s shirt and drops it at his feet.

So, in my support groups on social media I’ve heard a lot of other people recommend getting some kind of dog. Not cat. Not a bird. A dog. Couldn’t understand why a dog. They are a lot of work and need a lot of time invested into them. When I met this dog and got to know him a little bit my heart just filled up. I was so happy. For two whole days I felt pure happiness. In the life that we were forced to lead, that’s huge. Granted obviously the sadness was still there but wow. The last time my heart was that happy was December 26th of 2016. He was just perfect. Perfectly trained. He seemed to gravitate to me. Like…. If he would have stayed he would have been “my dog”. Our children. Oh my goodness. They were so happy. It makes me happy also that for two days this boy felt nothing but love and respect. From my understanding his owners aren’t exactly awesome. That’s just what I’m told. Although I’m not so sure about that because he is awfully sweet and a perfect gentlemen and I still can’t get over how perfectly trained he is. He is so perfectly trained that he would correct his own mistakes. The entire time he was with us he barked a couple times at most. I ran to the store once and Vinnie told me he sat by the gate and waited for me to come back. Such a cuddle bug. He was perfectly content laying on the couch with us all day long. He wasn’t hyper. He was perfect. To see my kids so happy again made me feel some kind of peace. I remember the first day he was here he was sitting with me and I laid my head on him (I watched for signs to make sure he was ok with it) and I felt so much comfort from that. You know how it feels to finally get into bed all comfy cozy after a long, long day. Your feet hurt your back hurts. Then you lay your head on that pillow and all is right with the world for a minute. That’s the feeling I got when I hugged this dog. Best part is…. He hugged me right back.

It was almost as if this dog was sent to us just at the right time. He came to show us we can be happy again and we will be happy again… Sorta. He also gave us a break from our heartache that we soooo badly needed. I also feel like we kind of gave him a break from his hurt. He was just as lost internally as we are. Sometimes when a few lost souls meet up a really beautiful thing happens. For those couple of days happiness and love and comfort is what happened. Even Vinnie wanted him and he hardly wants the two cats we have now.

I so badly want to feel that happiness again. That joy. That love. That feeling that all is right with the world. Granted nothing will ever be totally right with our world again BUT there again is the difference between moving on and moving forward. When we finally own our own home sure we could just get another dog but just like we could also have another baby (and by no means am I comparing the two) we don’t want another baby we want THAT baby. We don’t want another dog we wanted THAT dog. I’m convinced there is not another animal out there that could do what he has done for us. We felt alive again. We had something to look forward to in the morning. Not just the excitement of their being a new animal in the house but it was more of what he brought with him.  It was kind of like he knew we were broken people and wanted to comfort us. Veronica was laying on the couch and the dog came up and laid down and put his big head right on top of hers. It was the little things he did. All this boy wanted was to love and be loved in return.

I was told his owners did come back for him not to long after he went back to the shit hole he was staying in. Good. I hope for his sake that these people know just how special he is. I hope they know how amazing this dog is and how pure his soul is. His intentions are good. I hope he is getting the love he deserves. He’s a pit and I feel like his breed is highly frowned upon. They are just misunderstood and the media has a way of only bringing the bad things to the surface. Before you knock these dogs do some research. Any animal has the ability to turn on their owners. THEY ARE WILD ANIMALS bred to be domesticated but their roots still stem back to being free. Golden Retrievers also attack. If you are ever going to own this breed…. MAKE SURE you have the time to invest into them. They need training and exercise. Never leave your children alone with ANY dog. I was reminded though that you can’t always brush a suggestion off because it seems ridiculous. If someone says get a dog…. Look into it. You might be very surprised. I never would have thought that this dog would have done for me what he did. Or that he would have taken care of Remmie the way he did. He didn’t know us when he brought that boy his shirt. All because he knew he was cold. I don’t know, maybe now I understand why they say a dog is a mans bestfriend. For two days I had someone who only wanted to comfort me and all I wanted to do was love him. I have all this love stored up that was meant for her in the physical and when he came to us it was like that love stopped fighting and was finally able to be set free a little bit.


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